Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t have a password. How do I find it?
What if I want to cancel my listing?

All you need to do is go to and click on the delete listing ‘trashcan’ button.

Okay, my dress has SOLD, what do I do now?

Go to and click on the edit listing ‘pencil’ button. Scroll down to the Sales Status field and select “SOLD” from the list.

So my photos are going in upside down, backward and crooked, HELP!

Don’t worry!!!! We can help! Check out the photo submission guidelines and that will give you some guidance! BUT- the links to those cropping/ editing sites are amazing and they will save you! Try them, and if you’re still having trouble- we can help you out! Click Here to get in touch.

I didn’t have time to finish my listing. Can I go back in and finish it?

You bet! Just make sure you know your login and password and you should be able to go in and fix it up! Go to to get started.

Why does my listing say pending cancellation on my account? It’s still active on the site.

In Subscriptions dashboard,, chances are you cancelled your subscription so that it doesn’t renew. Since your subscription is paid for a ‘one-year listing’, it will continue to show up on the site. If you meant to remove your listing from the site (and your account), then go to Listings Dashboard and delete your listing.

What if I don’t know the proper shape, fabric, color of my dress?

Do your best! If you’re really not sure, you can select “Other” and then describe it in the box below.  

What if I don’t know the designer?

It’s all good! Select “Other”, and then in the box below you can tell us where you bought it! Or just type unknown!

Can dress sale prices be negotiated?

Entirely up to the seller!