PEI’s Marriage Commissioner, Marsha Weeks

Marriage commissioner, a Wedding Officiant, minister… whatever you want to call them, they are pertty close to being the most imporant person that should be in attendance at a wedding (aside from the Bride and Groom that is)!

These individuals have special skills! Not only do they have to stand up in front of a crowd of people and walk couples through the steps of tying the knot, but they need to be strong enough to not show too much emotion. Cuz I’ll be honest, I cry at Weddings regardless of how well I know the couples, so I would find this job very difficult. ANYWAY, enough about me, let’s hear from Marsha, one of PEI’s top Marriage Commissioner’s.

1.  What is it that you do?

I’m a PEI Marriage Commissioner/Wedding Officiant. I use both titles interchangeably because so often I’m called a variation of both! Essentially, for the last seven wedding seasons, I marry people, a lot of people! While that sounds pretty funny, I actually officiate weddings on Prince Edward Island.  I love my job and I love Prince Edward Island. I’ve had the amazing opportunity to officiate for hundreds of couples all across the Island.  I’m in love with love and this is such a wonderful way to work in the industry; experiencing such happy, organic moments.

A PEI Marriage Commissioner is licensed to perform a civil ceremony in the jurisdiction of Prince Edward Island.

2.  How did you get your certification?

I was licensed through the Province of Prince Edward Island in 2013. Many people ask how I even aspired to obtain my certification.  I always say that I’m the kid who was buying wedding magazines and watching “say yes to the dress” on tv and dreaming of someday working in the wedding industry. Becoming a Marriage Commissioner has been an absolute dream come true for me. 

3.  What are some important things that wedding couples should know when choosing their marriage commissioner?

I think there is a natural “fit” for the couple and I believe you have to choose a Marriage Commissioner that can capture the essence of you, as a couple. My style is light, airy, personal and romantic. I believe being a good Marriage Commissioner is more than having the ability to prepare and deliver a ceremony – there has to be a connection and it has to be someone that can respect the wishes of your vision for your day. Your wedding ceremony is creating memories for the future and I can’t stress enough the importance of making sure that your officiant is someone that’s experienced, reliable, respectful of family dynamics and someone that can translate your vision into a perfectly ‘you’ ceremony.

4.  What other services do you offer?

My two life passions are music, specifically my fiddle and weddings. I’m really so fortunate to have been able to fuse the two in the last few years. I often say that if I could officiate weddings and play my fiddle for the rest of my life, I would be truly happy. I brought my fiddle to an elopement once, to offer a PEI experience to the couple from the US who were getting married on Prince Edward Island. I didn’t even intend to play it, but I felt like they deserved some music on their wedding day. I offered them the opportunity to do a first dance on Cavendish beach and it turned out to be a such a special moment after the ceremony. Since that time, I’ve played jigs and reels on my fiddle to announce lots of couples newly married.  It’s of course not for everyone but I do think it’s a little special touch I can add and I really think it offers a unique experience for Your PEI Wedding.

5.  What is one of the coolest weddings you officiated!?

The definition of cool, to me,  is a romantic and sentimental ceremony! I also really love when people own their ceremony and really try to make it “theirs”.  Most people that know me well know that I have a really soft heart and that I’m a true romantic. This past summer,  I officiated over 100 weddings and every one of them was special and unique in their own way, but there were definitely two weddings that really stood out.

The first, the father of the bride, said that he was going to hand make the bride and grooms wedding bands as a surprise for their wedding. He was a machinist and because of the history of the bride and groom , he took antique farm machinery and made two gorgeous wedding bands and presented them to the bride and groom for the first time at the ceremony when I said “May I have the rings please?”. How memorable is that! Definitely a story to pass down for generations to come.

I also officiated a ceremony at Hazelbrook Homestead this summer between two obviously-meant-to-be people where the groom had saved gold, that he had mined himself,to make into a ring for his future wife. He didn’t know who his wife would be at that point in his life but he travelled with that pocket full of gold for years until he met his forever soulmate. He had the ring made and we had everyone at the wedding send their good thoughts and energy and infuse them into the rings. 

I’ve also done two surprise weddings. Where the couple didn’t tell their guests that they were going to get married. In both occasions, guests thought that it was a family BBQ and when the guests showed up, they announced it was actually a wedding!

Hearing from Marsha makes me so excited for my Wedding Day! I can’t imagine being able to witness this beautiful moment between over 100 wedding couples!

Marsha is such a lovely person! If you are ever interested in getting married in PEI, make sure you look her up!

Photo Credit: Barbara Rahal
Photo Credit: Riki Sulis