Questions to Ask When Picking a Wedding Venue

Often times venues will have all these answers laid out for prospective clients. However, these are a few things that I forgot to ask, so I had to write them down…I’m sure there are more- but these are the ones that I found to be the most important and almost a deal breaker!

~ What’s the backup plan?

Especially if the venue is more of outdoor venue space.

~ What services, equipment, and stock do you offer in-house that we can use?

If you don’t have to pay extra for tablecloths, lighting, and sound equipment…that’s a bonus!

~ Do you offer any perks for hotels, lodging for our guests?

Especially if it’s not a venue with a visible lodging area, or only a very small one.

~ What’s your curfew?

Nothing worse than being shut down earlier than expected due to liquor laws.

~ Do you allow outside vendors to work here?

If you have a food vendor, planner or decorator that is part of your wedding, make sure it’s allowed.

~ What is your capacity?

Nothing worse than loving a certain venue and then realizing it only holds half the amount of guests you’re inviting.

~ Parking?

Parking can also be a deal breaker if there is hardly any, or people have to pay.

~ Are there any other events happening in this venue that day?

If it’s going to be crazy busy, or there are too many restrictions on how you want your day to go, that might be a deal breaker.

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